45 Revolutions per Minute is a music review site, giving five recommendations each week from across the vast spectrum that is ‘new music’.

All collated by erstwhile journalist and bloke-with-an-active-Spotify-subscription, Simon Vincent, they’re often not what you would call ‘easy-listening’.

Some of the tracks you’ll hear are ugly, some are challenging, quite a lot of them take a few listens to ‘get’. The key thing that links them is that they are all, in my opinion, “noisy” (even the ones that are quiet).

Why do I do it? Because music is more accessible than ever before.

Streaming sites make established artists’ music available for free, while sites like Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud allow any musician to publish quickly and easily.

While ubiquity is great, it also means there is no filter.

The magazine format is dying while online review sites feel compelled to review everything.

Who is sorting through all that music and recommending the tunes that are really cutting-edge?

45 Revolutions per Minute attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to new music and tingle it’s audience’s tastebuds.

I hope you enjoy!