45 Revolutions per Minute is a jazz blog. But it is also NOT a jazz blog. It is a world music blog. It’s an electronic music blog. It’s a hip-hop blog, a funk ‘n’ soul blog and an ambient music blog. Occasionally, it’s a classical music blog, a trip-hop blog and a spoken word blog. It is a blog whose only limitation is that everything reviewed must have a pulse. It must be vibrant and visceral. It is a blog where everything reviewed is noisy. Even when it is quiet.

It is a blog that it adheres to the spirit of jazz. The philosophy of jazz. The attitude of jazz.

On 45rpm, we cover those who push the boundaries of their instruments, their cultures and of what they are ‘allowed’ to say.

We cover the innovators, the trouble-makers and the thought provokers.

If you don’t like everything you hear, good. You’re not supposed to.

If it challenges your opinions, great. They were probably wrong.

If it makes you see the world differently; to have a vision for what it could be and how you will help make a difference. Well, that’s why we call it future jazz.

Each week, 45rpm brings you five select cuts; all recent releases, all revolutionary in their own ways:

The Charm Offensive:
A track that will win you over with a smile, before slitting you from ear to ear.

The Military Coup:
A track that will break the fucking doors down if you resist.

The Peaceful Protest:
A track that is willing to talk it out… before we all agree that it is right

Guerilla Warfare:
A track that comes at you from all angles. Beginners beware.

The Quiet Riot:
A track that kills you with kindness.

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Thank you for lending me your ears, comrades. Now go start the revolution.