Hello again friends, freaks and fans of new alternative music of the kind that wishes it was big enough to be part of cancel culture.

It’s been a pretty monumental week for bastions of popular music with the death of The Prodigy’s frontman, Keith Flint and ‘developments’ in our understandings of the Michael Jackson and R Kelly sex abuse cases.

Alas, though Jackson and Flint were undoubtedly two of the most iconic musical performers of my young years, this will be the last I mention on them. And the only firestarting involved in this week’s blog was when I turned on the hob for the hot chocolate I’m drinking as I write this.

For, while it would be presumptuous in the least to suggest that any of the musicians reviewed this week are anywhere near the level of the three aforementioned stars, there are some pretty charismatic dudes and dudettes in there.

There’s the ferocious cool of Sinkane and Lahhhndan swag of Little Simz. Then there’s the weird and wonderful worlds of Sweet Joseph and Squid (who, spoiler alert, will shout at you about the tyranny that is houseplants).

And to cap it all off, there’s some blissed-out pastoral poetry of Mutual Benefit.

So, if any of that tickles your fancy, take an explore. I promise, the only things Bad or Dangerous are the puns.


You can find all of the tracks reviewed above in the 45 Revolutions per Minute playlist below or click to access the 45 RPM Playlist on Spotify itself.

If you like what you hear (or even if you don’t), please engage in dialogue with me @45rpm_Reviews on Twitter. And, if you’d like to receive updates weekly, please subscribe to the email list to get these recommendations sent to your inbox weekly.

– SV –

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