E08 | 09 March 18

The Suffers | Editors (pictured) | Xenia Rubinos | L’Indécis | Vance Joy

ON holiday this week so I did wonder whether I would get around to a list given child-entertaining duties but, actually, it’s been OK so incoming is a new mix with somewhat shorter and less well-researched descriptions cos, y’know, I’m busy sunbathing and that:

1. The Charm Offensive – The Suffers: I Think I Love You

Sounds like a hidden B-Side from a bygone age. That usually turns me off, to be honest, but the hook on this is great and there’s a few cute Easter eggs in there from the musicians. And that brass interlude… mmmm.


2. The Military Coup – Editors: Hallelujah (So Low)

When I was introduced to this I thought, “oh, yeah, Editors… I know them. I know what they sound like”. But then the Industrial guitars kick in in the chorus and I was blown away (and happily proved wrong!) On further examination, it turns out the Producer is Blanck Mass – whose evil-sounding ‘World Eater’ was one of my favourite albums of last year… so I feel vindicated in some way.


3. The Peaceful Protest – Xenia Rubinos: Levitating

Levitating starts and ends as the sort of Badu-flavoured blissed out wave that is the perfect accompaniment to a poolside Sangria top. But half-way through Xenia kicks in with the sort of Hispanic-rap-over-organic-drum-n-bass-beat that makes this track perfect 45-fodder.


4. Guerilla Warfare – L’Indécis: Playtime

Pretty much all I know about L’indécis is that he’s from Grenoble and describes himself as “Musician, Beatmaker.
Old school hiphop, chill beats and smoothness.” Which is pretty much all you need when you make music this cool. Reminds me a bit of ‘Elaenia’-era Floating Points… which is always good.


5. The Quiet Riot – Vance Joy: I’m With You

So Spotify has been recommending this bloke to me for months – I don’t know whether he has a massive PR machine behind him pushing his stuff Russian-spy-style into the playlists of people with otherwise awesome taste in music or I just listen to a load of this sort of soppy, balladeer crap when I’m not concentrating but, anyway, I heard this on the long drive back from Liverpool a couple of weeks ago and, in a moment of vulnerability, I gave in. I actually really like this (can you guess)? But don’t bother with his other stuff… it’s shite, like.


The Outro:
And so we reach a cease-fire for this week. Click here to listen to the 45 RPM Spotify Playlist in full.

If you like what you hear (or even if you don’t), feel free to engage in dialogue with me @45rpmPodcasts on Twitter.

The silence is broken again next week when I’ll return with five more selections for your consideration. Until then, thank you and go in peace.


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