E02 | 26 January 18

Delgres (pictured) | Mew | Chuck Johnson | Grand Tapestry | Jungle

Episode Two of 45rpm selections

1. The ‘Charm Offensive’ – Delgres: Mo Jodi

Despite only one of these guys being from Louisiana (the other two being from Paris and Guadeloupe) this is about as swamp-stomp, blues-rocky as you can possibly imagine. They also get props for dropping the bass player in favour of a Sousaphone (big bloody tuba-type thing).


2. The ‘Military Coup’ – Mew: “The Wake Of Your Life”

I actually just love the 80s power-rock vibe of this one. I’m also a sucker for a song title with a pun in it.


3. The ‘Peaceful Protest’ – Chuck Johnson: “Labradorite Eye”

Pedal steel is usually associated with country and western music but Chuck Johnson wrote an album last year that loops the instrument in really interesting ways to make ambient music. I don’t think this is GREAT but I do think it’s interesting and pushing the boundaries.


4. ‘Guerilla Warfare’ – Grand Tapestry: “Atma”

A marriage of Hindustani classical music and rap (of course!) I love how vocalist Eligh trades lines (drum-battle style) with sarod player Alam Khan (son of the master musician Ali Akbar Khan) and tabla player Salar Nader.


5. The ‘Quiet Riot’ – Jungle: “Sing to Me”

I like this despite myself. Sure, it rips an awful lot off ‘Take Care’-era Drake and the intro chords are an almost exact replica of the Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘To Build a Home’ but I like it in its own right. Plus there’s so much crap music in this genre, I can’t help but be impressed when I hear someone making ‘PBR&B’ music that isn’t about their dick.


The Outro:
And so we reach a cease-fire for this week. Click here to listen to the 45 RPM Spotify Playlist in full.

If you like what you hear (or even if you don’t), feel free to engage in dialogue with me @45rpmPodcasts on Twitter.

The silence is broken again next week when I’ll return with five more selections for your consideration. Until then, thank you and go in peace.


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